Contacts on a Mac - Mac Minute - Episode 13

If you came from a PC you may look in the Apple Mail program and say "there are no contacts".  But there are contacts, however in a Mac, Apple has made the decision to create separate programs for Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

In this episode we do a quick walk through the Contacts application.

Notification Center on the Mac - Mac Minute - Episode 10

With Mountain Lion Apple has added Notification Center to OSX.  It works and looks very similar to what you are probably already used to on your smart phone.  If you have an iPhone or iPad then you are very familiar already because it works almost exactly the same except you do not swipe from the top down, there is a button on the menu bar.

If you are an Android user then you understand the concept of notification center, just not the features.

In this episode we show you where Notification Center is and how to set it up.

Full Screen Apps - Mac Minute - Episode 9

Did you know that with the Mac you can do full screen apps?  If you have used an iPhone or iPad then you already are used to using full screen apps.  Even with most Android phones and tablets you are using apps in full screen.

We are not talking about maximized windows.  They have been around since the 90's.

In this episode of Mac Minute we show you how to use full screen apps on the Mac.

Those Darn Hidden Options - Mac Minute - Episode 7

If you have been using a Mac since Lion then in Mountain Lion you noticed some things are missing in the file menu in particular.  If you are new to a Mac with Mountain Lion then you probably just think some things were forgotten.

In Mountain Lion, for some reason Apple started hiding some options like "Save As" unless you are holding down the Option key.

We demonstrate the hidden options in this episode of Mac Minute.

Tweaking the Dock - Mac Minute - Episode 6

Last episode we showed you how to move the dock and do some other cool things with it.  This week we are going to show you even more things like adding and removing items as well as how you can create a quick application launcher like the Start menu in windows.

Adjusting the Dock - Mac Minute - Episode 5

How much have you personalized the Dock on your Mac?  Most people do not even know that you have lots of options when it comes to making adjustments to the Dock.

In this episode we show you how you can move it somewhere else,  turn on easy to read indicators and more.