I am not going to list out every site I own but there are a few that are worthy of mention here:


Genius Idea Studio, LLC


Genius Idea Studio is a software and embedded systems company.  Genius Idea Studio has grown from what it started out as, an ebedded systems developer.  We now develop web apps with Sencha and mobile apps in either native xcode for iphone or appcelerator if it is a cross platform app.

You can see some of the latest projects at the geniusideastudio.com web site.


Crazy Eye Studio


Crazy Eye Studio is a subsiderary of Genius Idea Studio.  In the process of creating software we ran into the need to create training materials and other media.  Eventually we were doing all kinds of media from commercials, to animated videos and training.

The internet marketing world turned to video and we were ready.  We now have a full fledged video and audio studio where we can produce just about anything.

This same studio is what we are using to record shows for the Tech-Zen.tv shows.




Tech-Zen.tv is a netcasting (internet broadcasting) company.  We have weekly shows that will cover many areas of tech.  Starting out we have 2 security shows, a mac show, an electronics maker show and many more planned.

Tech-Zen.tv is part of Genius Idea Studio as well and we use the Crazy Eye Studio facilities to record and live stream these shows.




I have taken a few of my projects and turned them commercial, H3J designs, manufacturer's and sells control surfaces that control both software and hardware switchers. Plus we are adding more products that work with software and hardware switchers.


The Open Repeater Project


The hacker and ham radio operator in me wanted to create a low cost radio repeater using open source solutions.  So the Open Repeater Project was born.  Using some of my web application design skills, some embedded programming skills I think it is possible to make a very user friendly radio repeater using very low cost hardware.

To accomplish this task, the Open Repeater Project was started.  To get the latest information about the open repeater project, visit the website above.